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Activyl Flea Treatment Worked for Me

Activyl Flea Treatment Worked for Me


Summer time is flea and tick season and you need to be proactive with your pets before the fleas take over your house, laying eggs in carpets and sofas. You’re probably familiar with topical flea treatments like Frontline, K9 Advantix, or Revolution. I’ve used those in the past and they’ve worked well, but lately my dogs have had a terrible flea problem and those treatments aren’t working. There is evidence that fleas can become resistant or immune to certain chemicals over time, and that’s probably what has happened to the fleas on my dog. I live in Louisiana and I’ve noticed fleas on my dog even through the winter which was rare for Paisley. But this year seems to be a terrible flea season in my area and I have been scrambling to keep the fleas away with no luck!

So I tried a new product by Merck called Activyl and it worked amazingly well! Activyl is a topical flea treatment you apply down your dogs back. It’s the first that contains the ingredient INDOXACARB. Indoxacarb works by reacting with enzymes inside the flea. Fleas don’t have to bite your dog – they absorb Activyl by coming into contact with the dog’s skin. Once absorbed by the flea, Activyl becomes active, paralyzing the flea and preventing them from biting and feeding on your dog. The fleas start dying within 8 hours of treatment and 90% of fleas are gone within 12 hours. It keeps killing fleas for 4 weeks. It kills fleas so fast they don’t have time to lay eggs.

Note that Activyl does not treat ticks, it targets fleas only. And that’s what I have the most problems with. It comes in 4 sizes – Toy dogs, Small dogs, Large Dogs, and Extra Large Dogs.  You can find all sizes here at Livestock Vet Supply.

Applying Activyl is really easy. It comes in one month doses you break open and put on the dog’s back.

Activyl Flea Treatment Vial

For small dogs, you only apply to the top of their back between the shoulders. For medium dogs, you’ll want to apply in two places - between the shoulders and at the base of the tail. On large dogs apply in three spots – top, middle, and bottom of the back.

Where to apply Activyl Flea Treatment

Activyl doesn’t have a smell or burn their skin. You can bathe the dog after it’s dried, but it’s best to wait 2 days or 48 hours after the application just to be safe. I think you’ll have good luck treating your pet with this great new amazing product!

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